Friday, February 28, 2014

80/20 eating rule

80/20 my daughter shared with me this idea when she can home for Christmas... stay on your food path (diet) 80% of the time and reserve the other 20% for screw ups/ indulgences and deviations. If you know me you'd know I am about the worst person to stick with something in it's original form. I always change the formula, try for something new, or plain out give up and start something different, when it comes to sticking to one kind of eating.

IN our goal to be more self sustainable and grow much of our own food, back in November we began eating "whole foods". For us whole foods are all foods that are not mass produced and are basically single ingredient foods. I shop for produce at our local Brennans I buy local grass feed meat at Jordandal Farms. We buy enough to get the lower price then freeze it all until we are ready for using it.

Both Carl and I quit eating most grains and flours that we now know were causing a lot of allergies for me and well, frankly carl was fine, but since I cook a lot he's on the plan with me by default...

I read the book "Wheat Belly" and it was a bit of an ahhh haa moment to realize just how much wheat producers have messed with the genetics of wheat and how we as consumers have been unaware of how the basic structure wheat has been altered.  ( I guess the scientists forgot to include the consumer in on this experiment) The take away message for me in the book was a realization that we are NOT consuming our fore fathers early wheat products and what the scientist have created in the lab by Genetically Modifying wheat has made it something of a drug. I now only buy NON GMO foods because of it. For me I'll leave the testing of genetically modified foods up to someone else.

This far I can say I have not gained weight and I have not lost weight. Of course my goal is to eat well and lose weight, however because I am slow to move the scale downward I am happy with the fact that I am not gaining any weight and have managed to change mine and Carls food habits to a healthier lifestyle. Once the winter lets up and we can get outside I am hopeful that I will actually shed a few LB' moving more.

As for sticking to the 80/20 plan
, we are doing awesome, for whatever reason the freedom to deviate with out thinking that you "fell off the wagon" has allowed me to look at our lifestyle eating in a different way and I feel ok if we mess up or choose to go out of our "whole food " eating for a night out.

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